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Established in July 2023 with the vision and hard work of Mr. Harsh Raj Sharma and Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma and Rishishwar Industries, it aims to promote employability and aid the bright future of students. For which we had a humble beginning as a platform for skill development and guaranteed job programs with an aim to provide employment programs and an ideal launch pad for competitive exams and board exam aspirants.

On the path to realizing this vision, we moved beyond jobs and coaching to employability and academics. We started changing the thinking and outlook of the students of Rishishwar Institute by combining involved and interactive classroom teaching methods and a system that not only provides constant monitoring and evaluation, but also provides continuous support and guidance to our students.

What we do at Rishishwar Institute:-

Continuing with the same vision and idea, now we at Rishishwar Institute, have a model of vocational education, skill development, job guarantee program, IT courses, academic preparation as well as preparation for SSC and other related competitive exams under one roof. Have established an institute with.

Note :-

Rishishwar Institute does not take any guarantee for providing job to any student, it depends on the eligibility of students and we do not charge any amount for any kind of job, we only charge fee for the course and training of students, and we organize placement drives and mock interviews of banks NBFCs and other companies for better bright future of all our students and we also provide help to students by our teachers for proper performance.

ऋषिश्वर इंस्टीट्यूट किसी भी छात्र को नौकरी दिलाने की कोई गारंटी नहीं लेता है, यह छात्रों की योग्यता पर निर्भर करता है और हम किसी भी तरह की नौकरी के लिए कोई राशि नहीं लेते हैं, हम केवल छात्रों के पाठ्यक्रम और प्रशिक्षण के लिए शुल्क लेते हैं, और हम अपने सभी छात्रों के बेहतर उज्ज्वल भविष्य के लिए बैंकों एनबीएफसी और अन्य कंपनियों के प्लेसमेंट ड्राइव और मॉक इंटरव्यू आयोजित करते हैं और हम छात्रों को उचित प्रदर्शन के लिए हमारे शिक्षकों द्वारा सहायता भी प्रदान करते हैं।

Our Objective :-

Our primary objective is to inculcate a positive attitude, critical thinking, analytical bent of mind, change in lifestyle and an inexhaustible curiosity among the young candidates to realize their goals and dreams.

Our aim is not only to educate and aware the students and teachers and help them show the right path but also to bring about a change in mindset and belief to transform the education system and boost employability.

Why choose us :-

: - Interactive Classes with both involvement and Subject-Depth

:- Highly Qualified Teachers with both Experience and Energy

:- Fixed Teachers for the entire session

:- Dedicated Mentors to support holistic growth

:- 360 degree Learning and Management System

:- Best Infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities

Core Values:-

Dedication: We are fully committed towards pursuit of excellence both scholastically and intellectually.

Innovation: We believe in creating, experimenting, executing new ideas with the aim of continuous improvement and growth.

Transparency: We believe in openness and clear communication to our students, parents and team.

Guardianship: We believe in providing guardianship in form of empathy, kindness and support to the student.

Continuous Improvement: We are always striving to improve our teaching and services to eventually improve student learning outcomes. Aiming to become better version of ourselves is something we try to inculcate in our students as well.

Feedback: We believe continuous giving and taking of feedback is an important part of improvement.

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